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Showing with Equine Odysse

Focus on you and enjoying the show, we are a full service show barn

Full Care

Includes coaching, mucking stalls, bathing & tacking/untacking, unbraiding,  all done by our groom.  ( Does not include lease fees for horse, transport for horse, braiding, healthcert, tips for grooms , Professional rides, stall or classes and entry fees).  Stall fees are to be submitted to the show by the close date for entries to reserve your stall.  A $500 fee as downpayment to the trainer for the show is required to be paid per horse prior to shipping to the show. Daily rate for training and care, plus travel and lodging expenses for the trainer and groom are split between all the horses attending. Tack stalls and sitting area stalls, shavings, hay and grain will be split on your bill with the show.

Important please read! Show Cancellation Fees

The show requires we commit to stalls and they are non-refundable, unless notified a two days prior to the shows non-refundable stall reservation date. All stall fees will be paid, if cancelled in less than this required cancellation timeframe by the horseshow for any reason.  There is also a $500 cancellation fee due to EOF should you cancel, as many items and staff are planned months in advance.

Health Certificates for EOF horses will be billed per the rate from the EOF Vet and is not included in the lease fee.

All horses must be full body clipped prior to showing, for the welfare of the horse and ease of grooming during the show.  If you lease a horse from us or have one that boards/trains with us, we can make arranges to have it clipped prior to the show for $225 per horse, assuming it requires no medications to be clipped. It will require the horse is washed the day prior to clipping, if you can't there is an extra $25 charge to wash them for the clipping.

Client is responsible for providing and paying for "Perfect Prep" each day of the show if recommended by the trainer.

Lease Fee for show horses is $950-$1500 per week, rate varies based on type of horse leased for equitation, hunters or jumpers.

Terms and Conditions

Professional Ride at Show $50 per Class* 

*‎Grooming and preparation for professional rides follow whatever care plan you are in with EOF, unless other arrangements have been made with the trainer.

Professional Rides at the Show

Come Show with Us

Winning Combination

We attend a couple shows each month at places like WEC, Kentucky, Brave Horse, Chicago and many local A/AA rated shows here at home. Whether you are in our program every day or would like to join us at a show, just let us know.

A winning partnership
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