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The end of May marks a new adventure for junior riders: it is officially time to begin contemplating your college options. This task is particularly difficult for equestrians, who are balancing demanding training and showing schedules in addition to their search for a perspective college, that can offer them opportunities to continue to pursue their passion of riding.

We are so excited to announce we are organizing and sponsoring this one of a kind event, "College Day", at HJAM. It will be held during the second week of the HJAM show series on May 11th from 10am to 2pm. Come meet and greet some of the colleges and equestrian coaches in between your classes, learn about their academic programs and opportunities to continue riding. Save the date, reserve your stall and get your riding/academic resume ready! 

Each week we will feature one of the colleges attending, leading up to the event. We will begin featuring our first college next week, Albion College. Look forward to seeing you at the show!

Read more about the event below:

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